when the rains blessed us

I come from Loita in Narok county in the southern region of Kenya. I am a member of Oltoilo lee Maa participatory video hub which started in 2018 and Iam happy to explore more on the camera because as an activist I can speak the voice of my people and help them raise their problems.Though there are so many unlearned people in our community at the moment there are big enrolments in the schools. Concerning the access to digital reading I can say it very low. There are many reading barriers in the community e.g access to internet, necessary materials, access to libraries etc. I narrated the story “When the rain blessed us” as a reminder of the challenges the community passed through at particular time of the year. As a Maasai and a pastoralist community they really passed through difficult times as they lost all the animals which they all depend on. At last though the famine prolonged and people started to lose hope of living, the rains came and blessed them.

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