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I live in London and study at Bournemouth University. I am working towards a PhD in Media and Communications. My research explores the experiences of women who have been subjected to Domestic Abuse, through the method of participatory filmmaking. My little boy is six, and has just learnt to read by himself. I wanted to remember what that felt like, to try and tune in to being six, and losing yourself in a story for the first time. The book I got lost in as a six year old was a story about someone from outer space. The day before we started the workshops, the newest Mars rover – Perseverance – landed. Meanwhile, we’ve walked the same West London streets day after day. I’ve been thinking about my son’s best friend, her love of books and space, and how the pair of them have continued to play and read together during lockdown. During their Zoom calls, they often dress as astronauts and turn their bedrooms into the International Space Station. They have created a way of sharing stories with each other digitally, from a distance of hundreds of miles. Digital modes of story-telling have helped my son through lockdown here in London. His teachers share digital stories for them to read, and they also record themselves reading books; the children get to vote on which story the teacher should read. Inspired by this, my Mum has been reading stories to him over Zoom at bedtime, as a way of connecting with each other from afar.

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