My best trial by Boniface Mirikwa


Boniface bio

I lead a Community Based Organization that champions for social cohesion. The organization is inspired by election violence events that take place after general elections. This we do through acts of kindness in the neighboring communities. In making people understand the importance of loving one another and working together as a nation, we always need to pass information about the history of our country and highlight the contributions that each person makes to build the nation. Reading and storytelling can play a big role in making people, young and old get to understand the history of the nation and more about the contribution of each ethnic community in its making. Access to digital reading is limited more so among the urban poor. Barriers include the inability to access digital products due to low income and the lack of skills to harness the power of digital reading.

I shared the particular story because it reminds me of the humble beginnings that an individual can come from to achieve something great. That is, from writing what I used to read through the double sharp pencil to becoming a creative writer in writing compositions and finally being chosen to represent my school in narration in the music festivals. It is also a story that reminds me about believing in myself and just what one can achieve if he or she decided to take up challenges and do them with passion. The same story has been replicated in my life in various occasions and in different ways for example the time I was first elected as a leader in college. It is the self-belief and the confidence that helped me to take on the challenge I managed to suppress the feeling that a task is too big or too heavy for me and simply go for it, work for it and believing in a positive outcome. 


I have also had supportive friends all through my life. Friendship has been a strong pillar and a contributor to achieving my goals. Sharing the video might go a long way to inspire someone who doubts his or her abilities to believe in him or herself for greater achievements


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