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Chavakali is small but among the oldest towns in the western parts of Kenya, located in Vihiga County. The community is closely knit  and everyone literally knows everyone. Due to its strategic geographic location beautiful sunrises and sunsets grace our days, but when it rains it becomes muddy due to poor infrastructure development. This is where I was born and raised and I am honored to run the SAIDE Community Library which is the only community library. I told the story “Upon this day” in regard to my childhood struggle to access books. I loved books from a tender age but the inability to access them was a demoralizing factor. My childhood experiences taught me the most valuable lesson, whenever my mother earned some money she would always be faced with a difficult choice of either food or books and the former would carry the day. Receiving a book as a gift is very significant to me and to date every time, I receive a book as gift I always get excited.  A book is a powerful tool to pull many people from situations such as depression, solitude and anxiety and as such should be embraced, investing in books and wide range of reading materials can be equated to reforestation, and whereas the tree seedling will save the climate books will save the soul of humanity.

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Joseph M Kavulya
1 year ago

This story “upon this day”, about the struggles of one boy to access and read books captures the dream of many children across Africa to find books for school or home reading. As we celebrate the day of the African Child (Wednesday16 June), maybe we need to give a thought to the poor state of children libraries across the African continent. Being conscious of the indelible mark that books can make in the life of any child, there is a need to invest more in children’s library in our communities