Screening and Celebration event

It was wonderful to finally bring together our storytellers from Nairobi, Chavakali and Loita for a screening and celebration of their hard work on 2 August 2021. The event was also attended by several colleagues from Worldreader, network members and also colleagues who participated in our Reading on Screen project, making this a truly international occasion!

Zoom gallery of Attendees

The screening is a vital part of the digital storytelling process, offering an opportunity for participants to share and celebrate their stories with a wider audience. Usually, this is invited friends and family but with the ongoing restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, we had to turn to zoom to make this event possible. Despite the limitations of the virtual platform, it was lovely to be able to catch up with our participants and facilitators, and to enable the storytellers from the three different locations to see and hear each other live for the first time.  It was also wonderful to hear from our colleagues from Worldreader who have played such a vital role in helping us bring this project to fruition, and also to be able to bring together Anita and Isabel from Reading on Screen with our DRIVE team.

Although our stories have been shared for some time on our website and YouTube, it really is special to be able to watch and discuss the stories together and to see and hear everyone’s reactions.  A fitting finale for the project!

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